Frugal Gambling Between Slots and Video Poker

The external features of the casino game machines specifically that of the slots and video poker machines are very quite similar to each other. These two casino games have something in common that many casino players think that playing them are in a closely similar manner.

But that is where they are wrong. The similarities between the video poker and slot machine games ends from its being coin operated casino games with buttons, coin slots to place a bet on and coin hopper that spits the player's winning coins.

Although both are played without the need of a dealer to facilitate the game, both are played with entirely different game mechanics. Many casino players consider the video poker game a more frugal casino game than the slot machine considering the ability of the slot machines to wipe out a gambler's bankroll in just a few game sessions.

The game of slots and video poker has a standard house edge found as in all of the casino games. However, the video poker can be played in a frugal manner in such a way that players can have a good fight with their wagers having the ability to influence the odds of their games with a good hand play.

This in turn provides the opportunity to video poker players to play a quality game of chance with the skill factor at the same time hence the player can be playing a good game for their money.

The game of slots on the other hand is completely a game of chance where the casino player has no way of influencing the odds of their games. Being a game of chance which entirely rely the game outcome to luck, the slot machine gaming session can exhaust the gambler's fund while playing the game with the very least profit.

Moreover, gamblers are provided with pay table information which is shown on the video poker machine screens which enable a casino player to calculate the expected payback percentage on their game. The slot machines meanwhile do not provide payout information to their players.

With the skill advantage of playing the video poker game, the player can expect better returns from the outcome of their video poker gambling. With slots, all a casino player can do after inserting a coin to play the machine is hope for the best that the random number generator will draw their winning combinations.

Both the slot machines and video poker games can be played with frugal denomination with penny as the lowest bet however in terms of deriving the best possible outcome, the video poker has a better edge over playing the slot machines.

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